Arts & Neighborhood Center

A Neighborhood Anchor

Churches are neighborhood anchors. We’ve created the Lovely Lane Arts & Neighborhood Center within the walls of our historic building to better serve our surrounding community.

The center hosts educational, cultural, recreational, citizen, community volunteer and performing arts groups of all faiths and backgrounds. By providing access to lodging, exhibition space, and recreational facilities, the Center supports programs that foster community and serve our city’s students and youth.

Whether you are part of the audience or are a performer or artist, community group, or anyone needing space – the Lovely Lane Arts & Neighborhood Center has something for you.

Brannan Chapel, view from altar

Events Calendar

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Please consider hosting your next event, meeting, performance, community service project or exhibit in our newly upgraded public spaces.

Textile Arts Exhibit, Brannan Chapel

The Project

As a cornerstone of the Old Goucher neighborhood, and lying in the middle of an Arts & Entertainment District, the Lovely Lane Arts & Neighborhood Center makes use of our 18th Century Architectural landmark for 21st Century needs.