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Sunday Leadership Schedule


Worship begins at 10:00 AM for the five Sundays in August

Aug  3 Angie and Dennis Ferguson

Aug 10  Susan Preston and Craig Smith

Aug 17 Abedoh/Enos Family

Aug 24 Nancy and Emora Brannan

Aug 31 Johnny Olszewski and John Strawbridge


Worship returns to 11:00 AM beginning the first Sunday in September

Sept  7 Linda Keene and Mike Giles

Sept  14 Susanna Maddox and Mike Rouse

Sept 21 Sharra Kelly and Robert Furbay

Sept 28 Susan Allenback and Marisa Olszewski



Tour Guides

Tours begin at 11:00 AM for the five Sundays in August

Aug 3 Mike Rouse

Aug 10 Diane Macklin

Aug 17 Linda Webb

Aug 24 Carol Curtis

Aug 31 Eleanor Packard


Tours begin at 12:00 Noon beginning the first Sunday in Septemeber

Sept  7 Leticia Enos

Sept  14 Sarah Scribner

Sept 21 Lenore Baier

Sept 28 Craig Smith




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