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Mt. Olivet

2930 Frederick Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21223

Mount Olivet Cemetery is known as “The Resting Place of Methodist Bishops.” “Bishops’ Lot ” was given to the Baltimore Conference for such “traveling preachers and their wives” as they may wish to be buried there. On this lot, the Trustees of Lovely Lane erected the “Bishops’ Monument” which was dedicated June 16, 1854. It is a monolith of Italian marble and measures 18 feet. Near this monument rest the remains of Bishops Francis Asbury, Enoch George, John Emory and Beverly Waugh and his wife. In recent years the ashes of E. Stanley Jones and Mabel Lossing Jones, leaders of the modern church and world missionaries, were interred in the lot.


For information about purchasing a lot, arranging for an interment, or policy regarding flowers, please go to Mt. Olivet Contact Page .

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