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Building and Grounds Care

Taking Care of God’s House

Whether it’s garden care, cleaning or more complex projects, there’s always something to do in taking care of our church home. Much of this work is done during our Volunteer Work Days, but it can be done at other times, too.

Perhaps you’re gifted enough to fix things yourself; or maybe you are a good coordinator and could work with the Trustees to have others come and do repairs. Your service may be done on a one-time or continuing basis.

Enhance the beauty of the church through cleaning. Like any home, there is an ongoing “to do” list! Come to a Volunteer Work Day or see the pastor about any tasks you would like to take charge of.

Landscaping and Grounds Care
Enhance the beauty of the church’s grounds and surrounding community by landscaping and clean-up.

Seasonal Decoration
Enhance the beauty of the church’s building through seasonal decoration changes.

Volunteer Work Days
Usually the first Saturday of each moth, 9:00 AM to Noon. Work with others to provide a well-maintained place to worship, educate, and proclaim the gospel, and get to know your fellow congregants as you do tis work together.

Duncan Hodge (Trustee):

Lena Leone (Administrative Assistant)

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