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Finding our way to Zion

Since breaking ground in 1883 Lovely Lane has been a beacon of hope on the corner of 22nd and Saint Paul Streets. Even more than the magnificence of the building with its restoration, stories fill every corner and curve of the structure that offer a strong foundation.

So many people have gained strength from this congregation as it has lived out the prayers offered and promises made through the years. We can find our way from here because the ancient gospel of the Lord has been proclaimed and the word of God has become the living word. We can find our way because the sacraments have been given so that all life is sacred. We can find our way because little children have learned to love God and have grown in the beauty of Christian grace and character.

Through the years countless youth have come to worship, paused to pray, and risen to serve. Multitudes have been refreshed in spirit, relieved from pain, redeemed from sin. Parents have presented their children for Baptism; confirmands have deepened that commitment and made it their own; brides and grooms have made life promises to each other, and funerals have been held where the promise of resurrection to new life is declared.

Our History is intact and is celebrated. The ongoing work, however, continues. It is never going to be enough to look back. Our faithfulness will be measured by the risks we take as we look to God who has entrusted us with our work in this day and in this place. To meet the challenge of all that is before us, we can find our way because of God’s guidance.

In paraphrasing Paul’s letter to Timothy, Eugene Peterson has written:
“We can only keep on going after all, by the power of God who first saved us and then called us to this holy work. We had nothing to do with it. It was all God’s idea…. I couldn’t be more sure of my ground – the one I’ve trusted in can take care of what he has trusted me to do right to the end.”

Lovely Lane stands as a witness to this power of God.

We can find our way from here……

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